CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

Komplexní řešení pro vaše investiční záměry

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Our Company is specialized (based upon long term experience) above all for Investment and Constructions in Chemical, Machine Building, Food, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnologies including relevant supporting and Auxiliary Services (Labs, Clean Spaces, Offices, Stores and Utilities) and special Equipment (Instrumentation and Control Systems, Low Voltage Systems – FPS, ESS). We can apply Principles of GMP and GLP for Pharmacological Industry and Biotechnologies and we can follow the Regulations of State Veterinary Office for Food Industry.

We can offer following services for Preliminary and Preparation Phase of Investment or Construction:

  • Assessment and Evaluation of Selected Pieces of Land or Existing Areas and Sites (Collecting of Data for Land and Building Permit and Realization of Construction, Ensuring a Coordination of Exploration Works – for example Geological and Geometrical surveying, Cadastral Map Identification, Land Plan Data Collection)
  • Elaboration of Feasibility Study including Financial Evaluation, Completing of data for Projects, ensuring of specialized Studies (landplaning, architecture, process and technology) for accurate needs of Costs, Time Schedule and Authority Engineering

We can ensure for Projects and Authority Engineering Phase:

  • Preparation, Elaboration and Coordination of Land Permit Project and Building Permit Project including of Specialized Professions – Fire, Safety, Environment)
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment (E.I.A) Solution according to EIA Act No. 100/2001Sb. (if necessary) as well as “integrated” Permit according to Pollution Elimination Act No. 76/2002Sb in Cooperation with decided specialized Company
  • Authority Engineering including Negotiations with State and Local Authorities, ensuring of Land Permit and Building Permit based upon valid Acts and Decrees, above all  in accordance with Building Act No. 183/2006Sb

We execute following Works and Activities for Realization Phase:

  • Preparation, Elaboration and Coordination of Detail Design Projects
  • Tender Procedure Cooperation – searching and asking of potential Contractors and Suppliers, Preparation and Elaboration of Enquiries, Implementation of Grant Programs Requirement, Evaluation and Comparison of Offers, Preparation and Elaboration of technical Parts of Contracts
  • Proposal, Elaboration and Controlling of Time Schedule
  • Site Meeting Organization and Guidance, Site Supervision, Cost, Quality and Cash Flow Control, Implementation and Controlling of  Changes and Preparation of Change Orders

We can prepare and ensure for Test Run and Final Acceptance Procedure:

  • Collecting and Preparation of Data (Certificates, As-built Projects and Documents)
  • Negotiation with Authority for Test Run and Final Acceptance and Final Inspecting of Site and Construction from point of Complaints and defects

We can also offer the Evaluation of finished Investment or Construction from point of financial, time and technical Aspects and Separating of relevant and useful Data for Comparisons, Decisions and the other later Activities of Client on this Field.

It is possible to make previously described Works and Activities separately and by different Suppliers or Contractor but we suppose - based upon our Opinion it is the better Way. This way is to lead and organize the Complete Project by one Leader Company and fulfill all knowledge and Connections in one Responsibility.

We can ensure all above described Activities either by our own Engineers or by long Term and many Projects experienced Colleagues. The coo-workers (out our structure) are presented to our Client including their Professional CV and References. We implement Organization Chart of Project into Contract for Works and Activities with Client. We can also accept Decision of Client about by him decided Subcontractor if all main Aspects of Cooperation are strictly implemented into Contract.