CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

Komplexní řešení pro vaše investiční záměry

Konzultace, projekty, realizace


As mentioned on introduction page Company was founded by three Co-owners with work history and experience about twenty year in branch in the summer 2010 with the Idea to raise highest possible Acquisition for Client as well as the other Participants of whole Investment Procedure.

We have participated in following Projects and Activities during our Work History:

Chemical industry:

  • Spolana Neratovice - Chemical Production, Utilities and Auxiliary Services
  • SYNTHOS Kralupy - Chemical Production, Utilities and Auxiliary Services
  • Lučební závody Kolín – Chemical Production, Storing
  • ENASPOL Velvěty - Utilities and Auxiliary Services
  • DIAMO Stráž pod Ralskem – Chemical Production, Utilities and Auxiliary Services

Pharmaceutical industry:

  • SYNTHON Blansko – API Production for Pharmacological Industry, Labs, Utilities
  • QUINTA Analytica – Labs, Utilities and Clinic for Drug Testing
  • SVUS Pharma – API Production for Food Supplement


  • LONZA Biotec Kouřim – API Production for Biotechnological Industry, Utilities, Storing and Administration
  • Biotika Slovenská Ĺupča – API Production for Pharmacological Industry

Food, Cosmetics and Dry Laundry Industries:

  • Coca-Cola Česká republika – Production, Storing and Distribution of Soft Drinks
  • Riber and Son (Vitana) – Production, Storing and Distribution of Dried Food Products
  • MARS / Wriglesy Poříčí nad Sázavou – Production, Storing and Distribution of Candies
  • Prameny u Mariánských Lázní – Bottling, Storing and Distribution of Raw Mineral Water
  • Fosfa Břeclav – Production and Storing of Dry Laundry
  • Procter and Gamble (Czech Republic, Egypt, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, SAR, London, New Castle, Novomoskovsk) – Production and Storing of Dry Laundry

Energy and Fuel Industry, waste liquidation:

  • Spolana Neratovice, Mydlovary, Spolana Neratovice – Hazardous Waste Incineration Plants
  • MPBO Petrohrad – Complete Separation, Recycling and Disposal of Garbage
  • OMW, Benzina - Gasoline Stations, Stores of Gasoline, Diesel and Car Lubricants
  • Trmice, Býšov, Synthesia Pardubice, Vrdy, Hustopeče – Bioethanol Production Plants
  • MERO ČR – Headquarter for State Company for Transport and Storing of Crude Oil

Machine Building and Car Industry:

  • Beroha Dobříš – Final Adjustment, Storing and Distribution of Metallic Pipes and Sheets
  • Mi-King Kolín – Intermediate Products for Car Industry
  • KOSTAL ČR – Production, Storing, Distribution and Utilities for Car Industry
  • AERO Odolena Voda – Components and Utility for Airspace Industry